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What is The Alternative Travel Project?
Actors Stana Katic and Seamus Dever give up their cars for 7 days to travel using public transportation, bicycles, and good old-fashioned walking in an effort to explore travel accessibility, personal health advantages, and environmental benefits.

“A few years ago, gas went up over four dollars a gallon in Los Angeles. It was at that point that I decided to start taking my bike to work. I didn’t even have a bike at the time but I borrowed one from a good friend and became known as ‘that soap opera guy who comes to work on a red bicycle.’

And I wasn’t alone. So many people made the same concurrent decision that, for the first time in this country in a great many years, demand for gasoline actually decreased. I think many of us were just pushed too far and decided to get off our usual commuter pattern and find an alternative to our cars. It took that insane jump in price to push us over the edge, though.

Shortly after that I shot a series in Charleston, South Carolina. Not having a car made things difficult. That’s when I bought my own bicycle and discovered that it was a great way to see this new town and get around in it. Having a bike doesn’t make you ‘poor’, it just makes you resourceful.

And here’s my point: I could probably afford a huge car that sucks up twelve miles to the gallon and has a huge carbon footprint. But should I? Is that the responsible thing to do? For the planet? For my fellow Los Angelenos? For future generations?

The answer is No.

And that’s why I believe in my bicycle.”

-Seamus Dever

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