Solar Street Lamp Li-ion Battery

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3522com  Provide power to street lights.

 Combined solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity, stored it in batteries, and recycle it without power.

Solar Lamp Lithium Battery
Strander voltage11.1V
Max controller power20w
Solar V15-36V
Photovolatic panels Pmax≤100Wp
Photovolatic panels Vmp17.8V
Charge modePWM 
Output modelight control+time control+energy-saving
Overcharge V12.2-12.6V (adjustable)
Overdischarge V9.0-10.0V (adjustable)
Overcharge recovery V11.5-11.7V (adjustable)
Overdischarge recovery V10.5-10.7V (adjustable)
Light control V5.0-9.0V

Solar Street Lamp Li-ion Battery

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